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Featured in the Team Guthrie Mabile Newsletter 2022



Each quarter, we will feature a young individual from the Cape Cod community who stands out to us as someone to take note of. For our very first spotlight, we are very proud to share the story of Delphine Surel.

Delphine moved to Chatham from Paris when she was 13-years-old with her family. Shortly after they arrived, her grandmother passed away so it was just her and her mother Françoise in a new place far from Europe. In very short order, she accustomed herself to an “all American” environment. At a very early age, she developed a strong interest in technology and began to learn website development. During a chance meeting with Delphine, while we were listing her mother’s condominium, we found that she created and managed websites for various local businesses. We were intrigued yet skeptical that someone this young had that ability. We decided to give Delphine a go of it. Not only did she meet our expectations but she opened new business opportunities for our social media and online endeavors that have proven to be enormously successful. Over the past 4 years, Delphine has skillfully managed our social media, website, and database projects. Very impressive for a young lady of 17! 

But wait, there’s more…Along with overseeing all of our tech projects, Delphine is an avid and remarkably talented baker. Recently, she has begun taking lessons with the owner of Amie Bakery in Osterville. We can tell you first hand that her baked goods rival any accomplished pastry chef. Delphine is also a pianist and in the summer, coaches tennis at the Chatham Community Center. Today Delphine wishes to pursue a career in real estate development, starting with her completing projects with her mother who also has a passion for renovation and development. In a very short time, she will be going off to college. She was accepted at Northeastern University but decided to commit to Wentworth Institute of Technology in Boston for construction management where she wishes to receive a master's degree in commercial real estate development. Additionally, she plans on getting her real estate license and pursuing her work at BHHS, including her website business We feel so fortunate to have met this very gifted, hard-working young lady and know without a doubt that the sky is the limit with Delphine. 

Featured on the Wentworth Institute of Technology website


Delphine Surel-Chang spent some of her most formative years in Paris and Brussels, growing a deep appreciation for European art and architecture, as well as technology and construction.  

After moving to the United States five years ago, she sought a university that would help her advance her website development skills, and offer a location that was rich in history and architecture. She found it at Wentworth Institute of Technology. 

“I really align with the work motivation at Wentworth and co-op opportunities,” said the first-year Construction Management student. “Its smaller campus and urban location make it a very unique college.” 

Surel was accepted to another neighboring university but believed that Wentworth offered her a better chance to move toward a career in real estate development. Despite growing up in a “very French-speaking" household, she also relates that finding friends at Wentworth and fitting in has not been a challenge.  

“My co-op opportunities and extra-curricular activities will lead me to interact with others who share my interests and become adapted to a real-world environment,” she said.  

On the side, Surel runs Deauville, her web design company. What began as a summer hobby to help local real estate companies has blossomed into a fully-fledged business that counts non-profit organizations, online stores, and art galleries among its clients. Surel named the company after the Normandy, France town that she often visited as a child. 

She sees her Wentworth courses and centers like Accelerate as ways to further her web design and business skills.  

“Acquiring a bachelor's in Construction Management and possibly a master's degree will allow me to enter the field with a strong knowledge of my trade,” she said. “I think Wentworth will greatly impact my career goals.” 

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