Welcome to Deauville web design - a local Massachusetts, student-owned business valuing integrity, prioritizing your goals, and curating personalized designs.  We achieve customized designs tailored to your individual style.

Large website companies often charge ridiculous amounts for unimaginative formats, they never offer personalized assistance and often take days to merely reply to an email. DEAUVILLE stands for the opposite of that. All our designs are founded on elegance and minimalism, and the reflection of your style in a website that is designed for you, with services catered to your individual needs and communication prioritized above all.

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DEAUVILLE is a student-owned web design company operating fully online.

It started off as a simple summer project which then evolved into a part-time job. We created mostly sites for real estate companies (Compass, Pine Acres Realty, as well as Berkshire Hathaway Home Services - Robert Paul Properties) by designing our own online "brochures" featuring in-depth information about luxury properties

Then we started building websites for small businesses on Cape Cod and eventually decided to pursue this further.

We have since started widening our horizons to non-profit organizations, online stores, art galleries, etc. We are based in both Boston's Back Bay and Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

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My name is Delphine Surel. I named DEAUVILLE after one of my favorite French seaside destinations in Normandy. Having been brought up in Paris and Brussels, I spent a major part of my life in Europe and grew a distinct appreciation for European art and architecture. Working alongside my mother in her real estate renovations and interior design work made me realize that building a website is like constructing a home. Just as client and creator fine-tune a project together, a client and web designer should focus on the same kind of attention to detail. Merging classical European style with a modern flair, I believe, makes for clean, efficient, and beautiful layouts.


Search Engine Optimization is a crucial feature to have on a site. This is why we work best with WIX. It not only has user-friendly SEO components to make your site appear first on Google searches but its coding-free design components make any layout modifications far simpler and faster than other platforms. We are also familiar with other software like Weebly, Squarespace, GoDaddy, and Wordpress.


What makes us stand out from other design companies is our affordability. Our prices are tremendously lower than other firms because we simply do not believe in overcharging customers. Being a small entity allows us to work one-on-one with our clients and be fully involved in our projects, thus we find no reason in asking more than what we deem justifiable for our work.


We are transparent about our work: no unexplained fees or theft of information. Once you submit our contact form, we will promptly reply with an unambiguous quote. Our work is mostly online, but human interactions are not nonexistent. We make sure that all your communications are with humans, not robots. Feel free to contact us with any questions; your trust is our priority.


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Delphine Surel-Chang spent some of her most formative years in Paris and Brussels, growing a deep appreciation for European art and architecture, as well as technology and construction.  

After moving to the United States five years ago, she sought a university that would help her advance her website development skills, and offer a location that was rich in history and architecture. She found it at Wentworth Institute of Technology. 

“I really align with the work motivation at Wentworth and co-op opportunities,” said the first-year Construction Management student. “Its smaller campus and urban location make it a very unique college.” 

Surel was accepted to another neighboring university but believed that Wentworth offered her a better chance to move toward a career in real estate development. Despite growing up in a “very French-speaking" household, she also relates that finding friends at Wentworth and fitting in has not been a challenge.  

“My co-op opportunities and extra-curricular activities will lead me to interact with others who share my interests and become adapted to a real-world environment,” she said.  

On the side, Surel runs Deauville, her web design company. What began as a summer hobby to help local real estate companies has blossomed into a fully-fledged business that counts non-profit organizations, online stores, and art galleries among its clients. Surel named the company after the Normandy, France town that she often visited as a child. 

She sees her Wentworth courses and centers like Accelerate as ways to further her web design and business skills.  

“Acquiring a bachelor's in Construction Management and possibly a master's degree will allow me to enter the field with a strong knowledge of my trade,” she said. “I think Wentworth will greatly impact my career goals.” 

Featured in the Team Guthrie Mabile Newsletter 2022


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